The greatest expression of love is holding and carrying your baby.
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Hana Baby Wrap

Hana Swaddle Pod


Hana Swaddle Features

  • The Hana swaddle prevents startle reflex and helps babies sleep longer and more peacefully. 
  • It stops face scratching while sleeping. 
  • It ensures free movement of baby’s hip joints, which is necessary for proper hip development. 
  • Your baby can be dressed or undressed as required underneath the Hana swaddle. There is no need for loose blankets that can cover your baby’s airways. 
  • It has a two-way zipper that opens up from the top as well as from the bottom, making it easy to change your baby’s nappy.
  • The stretch allows for a snug fit, leaving your baby feeling secure and comfortable.

Bamboo Features

  • The Hana swaddle envelops your baby in super soft and stretchy bamboo. 
  • Bamboo fabric is cashmere soft, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for your baby. · 
  • Bamboo fabric is up to three times more breathable than cotton, and naturally helps to regulate your baby's body temperature.
  • Bamboo fabric is thermo-regulating, keeping your baby cool on hot days and warm in colder weather.

Safety information

  • Always lay you baby on its back when swaddled
  • Do not use a swaddle once you baby starts rolling
  • Do not overheat you baby. Overheating is thought to be a risk factor in S.I.D.S.


NB. Please note the Hana Swaddle Pod is not a carrying aid and should not be used in conjunction with a babycarrier.

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