The greatest expression of love is holding and carrying your baby.
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Soft Structured Carrier - Baby

A derivative of the Mei Tai, the Soft Structured Carrier features a body panel with two adjustable shoulder straps and buckles coming from the top right and left-hand that the wearer inserts their arms through. The adjustable waist band with buckle comes along the base of the carrier panel and goes around the wearer's waist. Various sizes available include baby and toddler sizes.

Additions to the Soft Structured Carrier

To be able to accommodate for a newborn or smaller baby the Soft Structured Carrier needs and infant insert. Some carriers come with a newborn system and some require you to buy an additional insert. Extenders can also be purchased to convert a baby carrier into a toddler carrier as they help to make the seat wider for the longer legs of a toddler.

Suggested Uses:

  • For longer carries
  • Could replace the pram especially in situations where pushing a pram is not easy eg uneven pavements and unpaved areas
  • Great for the airport and to the supermarket
  • Men tend to prefer a Soft Structured Carrier
  • Hiking
  • Back carries for babies 12months and older
  • Some soft structured carriers have more than back and front carries

Age Range:

Newborn through to toddler

Weight Range:

3kg to 20kg.