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Tula Baby Carrier Review

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This baby carrier earned an Editor Choice Award on Baby Gear Lab. Baby Gear Lab is an online source that reviews baby products through comparison. The team buy all the products they review and test them. Products are tested in the lab and in the field and a score is awarded to each product. The standout qualities of the Tula baby carrier is that it is easy to use and extremely comfortable.

The beautiful designs of these carriers are another great quality. They are made from colourful European textiles and come in a variety of designs. For mums who steer away from colour and patterns, they are available in solid colours as well. The carry position is limited to front and back carry, and you might need to buy the infant inserts, but other than that this is a long-lasting carrier that can be washed in your washing machine with a gentle detergent.



Safety is the most important feature of a carrier and the Tula is great because it supports the baby in an upright position ensuring that their airways are clear. The body of the Tula comes up a few inches higher than other carriers and will bring your baby closer. Being close enough to kiss is what we are aiming for! The seat is also wider than other carriers and keeps baby's legs in a natural frog position. One mum calls the carrier "Future-Proof" because of the wider panels, keeping baby safe and sound inside the carrier as they grow. The back panel is also a bit taller than other carriers which helps if baby leans back.


You will know that baby is comfy because they have a tendency to fall asleep in these carriers. As Monarch Mommy describes it - "It's almost as if Tulas are sprinkled with sleepy dust before being shipped off to their new owners". With extra-thick padding on the straps and a three-part waistband mommies will find extra comfort in this carrier. Getting the carrier on and off is quick and intuitive. One click later, and you have secure baby in a comfy carrier. This carrier is also light-weight.



The best reviews come from mothers who are using these carriers. Takara Bullock from Fun Little Ohana wrote a great article on Tula carriers "Overrated or Awesome?". She sums the Tula up in 5 sentences:


  • I wear it everyday
  • My baby loves it
  • It great
  • It's my right mommy hand
  • My poor stroller is feeling abandoned


A chiropractor and mum reviewed the Tula and came to the conclusion that the carrier allows baby's hips and pelvis to be in an optimal "M" position while the spine is held in the "C" curve. "In the Tula the baby is in the seated position so their spine, pelvis and hips are ergonomically supported". To read her full review, simply click here.


At Luxe Carriers Tula is one of our best sellers and for good reason. Of course we recommend that you read available reviews on carriers or speak to a professional before making a decision on the type of carrier you would like to purchase. Fitting a carrier is just as important as reviewing the reviews. At Luxe Carriers you can attend any of our workshops or visit us at Baby Bazaar for a fitting. Luxe Carriers can vouch for the Tula 100%.


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